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Simple solution for
webcam video recording

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Make videos with your webcam

WebClapper - Small, fast and incredibly simple program that allows you to record video from the most of the modern web cameras. Due to deep optimization, program compresses the video directly in the recording process. So it allows you to save the space on the hard drive and you don't need to post-processing of the resulting video files. Most of the settings in the program is set automatically, and to start the video recording you need just to press a single button. In addition, the program allows you to take great photos and you can easily take a picture on a web camera even during the video recording process.

  • Photos on webcam

    Take photos even during the video recording process.

  • Video Blog

    Record video messages for your own blog.

  • Training videos

    Create training videos and share them with the world.

  • Presentations

    Aim the webcam on stage and record the presentation.

  • Video Greetings

    Record video greetings and send it to your friends, colleagues and relatives.

  • Home Studio

    Feel yourself like a film director.

  • Reviews

    Make your own video review.

Nothing in excess

Пример окна программы WebClapper записи видео с веб-камеры.

Extremely simple interface

Complicated things is really can be simple! We have simplified the user interface and have removed all unnecessary from the main window of the program. Also all the interface elements that are not needed at the current moment, will be hiding.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler
", - Albert Einstein

Кнопки записи видео и фото с веб-камеры.

You need to just press one button to record a video or take a picture using the WebClapper program.

The quality of the Image is in your hands

User interface

Advanced image settings

Forget about blurry, dark, overexposed, bluish or yellowish images from the web camera. With the WebClapper you can easily to correct the image quality.

All changes are applied in real time. Moving the settings slider, you will immediately see is the brightness of the image or contrast is correctly set. You can change the settings even while recording a video!



Image settings

You can change the following settings:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Sharpness
  • Gamma
  • Colour balance


User interface

All settings in a click!

To change any of the image settings, just hover the mouse pointer and move the slider or click on to the new value.

And Yes - there No additional windows and unnecessary options!



Do not be afraid to change something!
You can reset all settings to their original values in just one click!

The installation package is just 2 MB. So try to download and test it in work. The trial version of the program is free.

2.0 MB

Yes we believe that if you try the WebClapper, you will never want to part with this small, fast and faithful helper in video recording!


7 $