Webcam video recording program

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1. Introduction

WebClapper is designed for recording video from the web camera on the personal computer. The program allows to record compressed video and sound from the web camera in real time.

The recorded video is compressed during the process without need to post processing. The output files are stored in AVI format. The AVI format is one of the most popular for compressed video. This video format is supported by most of the programs intended for recording, editing and post processing video.

Also with the WebClapper one can make snapshots and pictures. The snapshots are possible to make as while viewing video stream on the screen or even while recording the video. Consequently it is possible to make a picture at any time working with the program. The pictures are saved in JPEG images format, compressed and ready for the view or editing in other programs.

The program may be used for recording video-messages, presentations, reports, training videos and etc.


2. Conditions