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2. Conditions

WebClapper is designed to provide the maximum compatibility with various web-cameras. Program uses the standard interfaces and does not require to setup of any additional program packages or operating system extension.

2.1 System Requirements

With the purpose to minimize system requirements and for increasing productivity of video production, the program is based on the Windows API technology and so that it can't operate on the computers working under the Linux/UNIX (Mac OS) operating systems.

Recommended system requirements:

WebClapper software also may be used for notebooks that corresponded the following minimal system requirements.

Minimal system requirements:

As the computer resources may be used by the third-party applications, the recommended and minimal system requirements have informational character and can not guarantee the correct program operating. It's strongly recommended to setup and test the software before purchasing. For this purpose there is a free demo version of the program which can be downloaded at the official website:

2.2 Conditions of Usage

WebClapper software is not free for distribution. The usage of the full version of the program requires the obligatory registration. At the same time the program can be used for free during 30 days of the testing period.

Conditions of usage of the software are adduced in "License Agreement" which is included to installation package and demonstrated while the installation process. The installation process can be completed only if the user has the obvious consent with the "License Agreement". After the program have been installed the electronic copy of the "License Agreement" will be stored in the program catalog in license.rtf file. In relation to the actual legal system the "License Agreement" is accounted as contract between user and the software developer.

Each user after the purchasing the software license receives its own unique license key. This license key is the confirmation that the WebClapper program is used on the legal basis. The registration of the license key will enable the program to be updated and will prevent any further license key warnings. After the registration the license key is connected to user equipment and cannot be used on the another computer in parallel mode.

1. Introduction

3. Installation and Registration