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3 Installation and Registration

Procedure of installation and registration of the WebClapper. program are standard for alike software products and doesn't require any special knowledge. Nevertheless in case of occurrence of any questions, this chapter provides some program installation and registration recommendations.

3.1 Before Installation

Before the installation of the WebClapper program, please do the following actions and checks:

  1. Check whether you can use the program on your computer, analyze the compatibility to system requirements according to paragraph 2.1 of this manual.
  2. Be sure to install the latest version of the WebClapper program. You can check and download the latest version of the software on the official website of the program:
  3. If there is the distributive of the newest version on the official website then use it even if you have a CD with the program.
  4. Before loading the distributive from the website check the conformity of the language of the chosen one.
  5. Carefully read the following paragraph of the manual.

3.2 Installation

The official distributive (installation package) of the program consists of one file and you can download it from the WebClapper website: The installation package may be presented in several languages. In order to determine the language look unto the last two letters of the file name. To setup WebClapper program with English interface use WebClapperSetupEn.msi installation file.

The Installation of WebClapper program contains the following steps:

  1. Log-on under Administrator account.
  2. To start the installation process run the WebClapperSetupEn.msi installation file. Just double click on the file to run it.
  3. At the start of the installation process it may be appear the “User Account Control” window. To continue installation press [Yes] button.
  4. From this moment you can see the window of the installation wizard with the greeting message and you can check the version of the software in the title.
  5. Click [Next] button and the installation wizard will then guide you through the rest of the installation process. At the next step you will see the conditions of “License Agreement”. If you agree then click [Agree] and then [Next] button.
  6. You may choose the place for the program files. By the default the program will be installed into the "C:\Program Files\WebClapper\" catalog. For choosing another catalog press the [Browse...] button.
  7. After the checking all of the installation options click the [Next] button.
  8. Final step. Press the [Close] button to close the installation wizard window.

Installation process may be interrupted at any moment except of the last step. To interrupt the installation process just press the [Cancel] button and confirm your decision.

3.3 Uninstall

To uninstall the software under the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system follow the instructions:

  1. Log-on under Administrator account;
  2. Make sure WebClapper program is not running;
  3. Open the Programs control window:
    Start → Control panel → Programs → Programs and Features
  4. In the programs list in the “Uninstall or change a program” window select WebClapper program and press the [Uninstall \ Change] button above the list;
  5. Follow the instructions of the uninstall wizard.

To uninstall the program under the Microsoft Windows 8:

  1. Log-on under Administrator account;
  2. Make sure WebClapper program is not running;
  3. Open the Windows Explorer and on the left side panel choose the “Computer” link;
  4. Find the [Uninstall or change a program] button in the “System” section of the top panel. Press it. Alternately, you can do the same form the control panel. Open the “File Explorer” then click “Settings” and “Control Panel”. Then choose “Programs and Features”.
  5. In the list of programs select WebClapper and click [Uninstall] button above the list;
  6. When asked if you would like to remove WebClapper, choose Yes.

For other versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems to remove the program do the analogical actions.

After removing the program all the files related to the program will be deleted. Recorded videos and pictures will remain and the registration data will remain too. As a result you may update the program without fear to lose of any additional data. Also you can reinstall the program in further if it will be necessary.

3.4 Update and Reinstall

When new version of WebClapper program is released all users who purchased the program less than a year ago may update it to the newest version. Before the installation of the newest version of the program is necessary to make the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have registered yours license key not more than a year ago. You can checked it by the date of the letter with the license key.
  2. Check the current version of the program installed on your computer. Start the program and click on the icon at the left lower corner of the main window. In the appeared information window you can see the number of the current version of the installed program.
  3. Find the latest version number of the program at the official website: If the both versions are the same then you do not need update the program.

In order to update the program, download the relevant distribution file from the official website and make the installation. Before the installation of the new version it is recommended to completely remove previously installed version of the WebClapper program as described in paragraph 3.3. When the previous version would be uninstalled all the registration data will be saved. So you don't need to register your copy of the program twice.

One more time we would like to pay your attention to the fact that you may update the program only during the year after the purchase and activation of the license key.

3.5 Registration of the license key

To use all the features of the program, it is necessary to register. To do this, you need to purchase a license for the program and get the unique license key. You can purchase the license on the WebClapper website:

To register the program if you already have a license key first install the program and run it under the Administrator account. To run the program under the Administrator account log-in as the administrator. Turn to the “Desktop” and find the icon of the WebClapper program. Click it with the mouse right button and choose “Run as administrator”. If the program isn't registered, you will see the window with the information that you use unregistered version of the program. Press the [ Registration ] button.

Enter the license key and the additional information in to the appropriate fields of the registration window. If the computer is connected to the Internet the registration will be completed automatically. Just press the [ Continue > ] button.

If the program won't registered automatically then will be shown the window with the equipment code and the empty field for entering the activation code. In this case it is necessary to realize the activation procedure separately. To do so you will need to use another computer that is connected to the Internet.

On the computer connected to the Internet go to the WebClapper website on to the technical support section and follow to the registration page: Enter the license key and other information in to the appropriate fields of the online registration form. If everything is OK, you will see the activation code and receive the letter with the program registration data. Write down the activation code and then enter it into the registration window of the WebClapper program.

Finally press the [ Continue > ] button to save registration data and all restrictions of the demo-version will be lifted.

2. Conditions

4. Basics of using